Foilayage vs Balayage

Foilayage at Hair Lab Hair Salon, Woking

If you are looking for a new & exciting way to liven up your existing hair colour then foilayage may be just what you’ve been looking for! Balayage continues to dominate the hair world as it keeps evolving however, the latest colouring technique bringing a new lease of life to brunettes red heads and blondes is foilayage. What is foilayage we hear you ask?! It differs from balayage as hair is placed in a foil to achieve the ultimate hair lift rather than being left to airdry. Foilayage highlights can be combined with a classic balayage to achieve a brighter, fresh look.

Foilayage is an alternative to traditional foil highlights. These flattering, fine highlights are weaved or hand-painted directly onto the hair to achieve a multi-dimensional colour. You may have heard foliayage called money piece highlights, or face frame colour as it is often placed around the front hairline to contour your face and define your features. This must have colour is cool, stylish and very much on trend. Better yet, it looks just a great grown out as it does freshly done.

If you want to see quick results, and have a low maintenance hair colour, then this is a great colour service for you! This colour looks just as fantastic grown out as it does freshly done in the salon! We recommend a touch-up anywhere between 8-10 weeks.

Please note: if you are new to hair colour with us, please book in for a skin test 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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foilayage at hair lab hairdressers woking

Rooted Blonde Hair Colour

For the perfect blonde hue then why not try a rooted blonde colour? Also known as smoked-out roots, this modern look offers a low upkeep and is perfect for those wishing to ditch a full head blonde hair colour. Blonde hair with dark roots creates a natural look. For a multi-tonal highlighted look, ask your colourist to add a mixture of lighter blonde and mid-brown hair colours.

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Brunette Foilayage

We think glossy chocolate brown shades, caramel hues and hazelnut shades create a soft and luminous result and are a great way to liven up a dull brunette hair colour. If you want a gorgeous brunette foliayage colour such as this then book an appointment at your local Woking salon today! 

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Traditional Highlights Vs Foilayage

Highlights, foilayage, balayage or a combination of both? The choice is yours! All these top colour trends achieve a slightly different result and can be tailored to perfectly suit you, your lifestyle and budget. 

There are a number of techniques and methods which your colourist can use to deliver your dream hair colour.

Who Are The Foilayage Experts Near Me?

Here at Hair Lab, we take pride in delivering exceptional hair colour results every time. We are renowned for our skill, knowledge and ability, so if you are looking for the best hair colour salon in Woking, you need to look no further.

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